Being a Responsible Otaku


Guest post by The Geeky Panda

As a core otaku, you are tempted to buy many items related to the different anime or manga, video games, or fandoms you enjoy. These can range from expensive collector’s edition anime sets or video games, high quality anime figures, tons of body pillows, and more. We have to remember that we must be responsible with our finances, however. Pay what you need first, get what you want second.

Being an otaku with a passion for our hobby is expensive; being an otaku with a passion for many hobbies is even more expensive. How many times at an anime convention have you bought way more items that you thought you bought? Or when shopping online, how many items you bought during sales or exclusives? Answer this: Are your bills still getting paid at least? At the end of the day you will still need to pay your bills, still need your gas money, still need money to buy food for the week. You cannot ignore the need to pay your bills first. Because all it’s going to cause is for them to pile up and become even more of a dire issue.

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If money is a concern, then you must limit your purchases. Setting up a budget per month of free spending money you can use is a great way to keep your extra purchases in check and not go overboard. Another avenue you can also do is to achieve a better paying job. In reality otaku like us want to try to get a better paying job. There are some successful otaku out there, because of their drive to do better for themselves and support their hobbies. Better paying jobs means more items you can buy. So your waifu body pillow collection can go, the more detailed expensive figures will be added to your collection. Or that out-of-print collector’s edition game you want and have to go on Ebay to pay a stupid high price can be achieved.

Nothing is impossible, you can better yourself, and you can find a better job. It might take a lot of time, effort, and sacrifices. But all roads will lead to the end goal eventually. The want to adding your collection to make it grow, see that as inspiration to do better. Are all your bills paid for the month? Reward yourself. Want to buy that Super Rare Item? Then save up your money each week or month to get it. Remember my fellow otaku: Take care of your bills first, and then enjoy your passion second.