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Iyashikei is an otaku lifestyle and convention culture website dedicated to helping otaku get the most out of their hobbies, their communities, and their lives.

We are not an anime news blog.

We are not an anime review blog.

We are not an anime analysis blog.

We may include news, reviews, and analysis, but our true purpose isn't to be any one of those things.

Plenty of people already do those things and do them well. We prefer to approach anime and anime culture from a consumer's perspective, focusing on how otaku culture enriches the lives of those who participate in it, and how people can apply elements from anime, manga, and other otaku media to their own self-development.

The culture surrounding anime is diverse, enthusiastic, and loves to share the things they love. It's a, passionate, welcoming community, capable of bringing people from all walks of life together and uniting them through their love for visual culture.

We're an otaku lifestyle website, with a firm belief that otaku can live rich, fulfilled lives full of the things they love, and we have a dedication to helping otaku accomplish that.

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