The Media Mix

The media mix is a concept from Japanese entertainment media. It describes a broadened marketing and media strategy that spreads a property’s content over a wide range of different platforms and various forms of media.

It’s the reason so many manga, light novels, games, etc. get adapted into anime and vice versa. It’s the reason every anime that’s even somewhat popular gets figures and other merchandise depicting its characters. It’s the reason restaurants and Lawson stores use characters from popular anime for promotional purposes.

Some properties are so embedded in the media mix that they’re described as “media mix projects,” works that debut on multiple forms of media almost simultaneously. Girls und Panzer and Strike Witches have both been described this way.

Beyond being a complex marketing tactic, what the media mix does when executed well is use the franchise or property to enrich multiple forms of media and vice-versa. The hope is that the Strike Witches light novels bring something to the light novel medium, and that the light novel medium brings something to the Strike Witches franchise in turn.

Otaku do this too. They use anime and otaku culture to enrich their other hobbies and other aspects of their lives, which, in turn, further enriches their own passion for anime and otaku culture.

Anime otaku who are also into cars might create “itasha,” cars customized with elaborate decals depicting anime characters.

Otaku into both anime and airsoft might customize their airsoft guns with anime girl stickers, or might use an anime-inspired gear loadout.

Otaku with an entrepreneurial streak might take their passion far enough to make a lucrative business for themselves, whether that’s at Comiket, Wonder Festival, or their own office in Gotanda, Tokyo.

Iyashikei’s Media Mix is all about investigating all the ways fans use anime and otaku culture to enrich other aspects of their lives. Gearheads with anime girls on their cars, photographers obsessed with anime figures, academics who study anime and anime culture, all kinds of people whose passion for anime transcends anime itself and slips into other hobbies and unrelated parts of life.

In addition, we'll also be exploring anime, anime characters, and concepts from anime that can enrich the lives of anime fans. Motivational anime, inspiring characters, and teaching stories: All things that can help anime fans live fulfilling lives.

Iyashikei’s Media Mix is also a media mix project itself. Expect not only articles, but videos, podcasts, and other media showcasing the work and passion of otaku whose enthusiasm knows no bounds, and highlighting the works and aspects within anime and otaku culture that can enrich the lives of its fans.

Welcome to the Media Mix.