Chris Haughton

アヌビス | "TE Anubis"

Content Lead

President of She's Lost Control Media and content lead for Iyashikei, Chris began in 2011 writing about anime for his personal blog at as “Timeenforceranubis” and heads up the NTR Radio podcast. In addition, he runs Shin-Akiba Anime Goods, a small online anime goods business.

Outside of writing about anime, he’s an avid gamer, cosplays from time to time (Zero [Code Geass], Galm 1 Cipher [Ace Combat Zero]), builds models, collects figures, plays airsoft, is a bit of a
military otaku, and flies an airplane every now and again.

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モンズ | "Monz"

Graphic Designer

Outside of working for Iyashikei, Monz enjoys games, anime, conventions, and eating yummy food. Most likely playing an MMO or Monster Hunter in their downtime.