Flag of the Otaku Culture

The “Hidamari”


Originally created by our own TE Anubis for 2019’s Otaku Pride Month, the “Flag of the Otaku Culture” symbolizes the cultural unity of otaku despite our disparate interests.

The emblem in the center is based off of one of Oda Nobunaga’s emblems, and represents unity. It also represents the five demographic groups of anime and manga (Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Josei, and Kodomo). The fifteen triangles surrounding the center emblem represent the fifteen major types of otaku:

  • Anime

  • Manga

  • Seiyuu

  • Cosplay

  • Figure

  • Maid

  • Idol

  • Game

  • Military

  • Train

  • PC

  • Eroge

  • AMV

  • Karaoke

  • Martial Arts