A New-Type Human Being

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Since the 1980s, a new subculture has been on the rise. People who eschew social norms and societal expectations in favor of things that make them happy. People who choose to surround themselves with beauty, who desire to live in a world immersed in the things they love. People who spare no expense to fully appreciate the things they enjoy.

Collectively, they're called "otaku."



Unconcerned with the trappings of daily life normal folk obsess over, otaku live for their interests, designing their lives to maximize the things they enjoy and minimize the things they don't care about. The anime, manga, and games they consume (and the stories and characters contained within) inspire them. They consume, create, collect, all to express their dedication to their hobbies. They pursue their own happiness above all else. It might not win them points with society, but they don't care.



( 癒し系)


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Iyashikei is an otaku lifestyle website dedicated to helping the anime community get the most out of their anime, manga, figures, models, and conventions. We bring you fresh perspectives on subjects of interest to otaku from passionate creators with a dedication to the culture.

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